We’re Meat and Potatoes, a creative studio in Los Angeles whose name you’ll never forget.

Since 2000 we've created art for global brands, local brands, pop stars, rock gods, celebrities, chefs, aficionados, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, distillers, authors, educators, innovators, carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians & vegans - whew.

We work non-stop the entire year creating for our clients. So as each year comes to an end, we create M+P themed art: limited edition pop art prints, hand-numbered and suitable for framing – and now available as hand-numbered NFTs.

The physical prints (and a donation to Meals on Wheels) are presented to clients as gratitude for their continued business. Keeping with tradition, we will continue our charitable efforts with donations to Meals on Wheels for the initial minting of every M+P pop art NFT (see details in each collection).

These limited edition NFTs are grilled up to commemorate the talented artists and designers who have contributed to the success of M+P and our clients over the years, and will be joined by other collections in the future.